Dan was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado in the mid sixties, settled in San Rafael, California in the mid nineties. After several years of college courses at the University of Colorado, Dan chose a more independent path to further his art education through workshops, studio visits and arts collaborations. In addition to the practice of art, his study of art history has resulted in several major influences. They include the combinations of paint and sculpture by Robert Rauschenberg, the fantastic scenes in the boxes of Joseph Cornell, and the graceful illuminated tube forms of Keith Sonnier. Visiting artist’s studios, taking workshops and working collaboratively have been essential to Dan’s development.

Since 2008 Dan has taken classes and helps in the neon light department at the Crucible in Oakland, a non-profit facility that fosters collaboration of arts, industry and community. Through training in the fine arts and industrial arts, the Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials and innovative design while serving as an accessible arts venue for the general public.

In 2009, Dan started working with artists at the Cedars of Marin in San Anselmo, an organization that has residences and promotes productive and creative lives for adults with developmental disabilities. Dan’s main focus is working with artists using collage techniques.

Most recently Dan became an associate artist member with Art Works Downtown, San Rafael in 2014 where he hosts a collage group once a month. Art Works Downtown brings together everything the community needs to support the creative process, from low-income housing to affordable studio space, classes, lectures, events, exhibit galleries, and outreach programs.

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